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Boots: The new face of feelgood style

Step into the world of Boots, the unshakeable high street brand that has been serving customers in Britain since 1849 – and has since expanded to the Republic of Ireland, The Netherlands, Norway, Italy, The Emirates, Thailand, Indonesia, and Qatar. Although Boots has stood the test of time, in a faster-paced digital era it needed a to keep up with its new online competitors and capture the hearts and minds of modern shoppers.


Two years ago, just as Covid restrictions eased, Boots grabbed the opportunity to reintroduce itself to customers, emphasising its relevance in the new normal. Enter Pete Markey, Chief Marketing Officer, who spearheaded the brand’s transformation. Under the creative genius of WPP’s dedicated Boots division, The Pharm, the ‘Feel Good as New’ campaign was launched.


This captivating marketing initiative was fronted by a 30-second TV ad featuring the voice of ex-singer, actress and Doctor Who star Billie Piper. The ad began by suggesting that “today could be a good day for a little reinvention,” setting the stage for the diverse range of products and experiences that Boots had to offer as lockdown restrictions lifted:



Highlighting the introduction of exciting new beauty brands and showcasing the cutting-edge Boots Health Hub, the ad promised to be there for consumers “every step, salsa, and shimmy of the way,” as Boots had gone through its own remarkable reinvention. CMO Pete Markey revealed that both online and in-store sales saw a substantial boost, particularly in the beauty and health categories showcased in the ad. Walgreens Boots Alliance, Boots’ parent company, reported a 15% increase in comparable UK retail sales during its fourth-quarter financial results.


Not only did the campaign breathe new life into Boots’ sales, but it also breathed new life into its online presence. The Boots website experienced a staggering 700% surge in visitors to the Health Hub, and overall searches for the brand jumped by an impressive 15%.

The impact didn’t stop there. According to YouGov’s BrandIndex, Boots’ brand scores soared after the campaign’s launch. Ad awareness climbed from 12.6 in June 2021, steadily rising throughout the summer and peaking at 16.6 in August.


The positive buzz surrounding the brand also skyrocketed, going from 5.8 in June to an impressive 9.5 in November. Fuelled by this resounding success, Boots embraced the spirit of ‘Feel Good as New’ and carried it into their 2021 Christmas campaign, cementing Boots’ position as a formidable force in reinventing its brand.